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HVAC / Raw Water Maintenance 

Technology For Your Vessel

Make Your Boat Smarter Twice A Day

A Great Day On The Water Begins With Great Care At The Dock

A-Sea Guard Works To Help Your Boat Protect Itself


A-Sea Guard Provides You With Peace Of Mind When You Are Away From Your Boat And Your A/C System Is Working For You. 

A-Sea Guard Utilizes Your Boat’s Transducer To Control Your A/C System While Turning It Off at Lower Tide Cycles, and Back On As the Tide Rises, Protecting All Of Your Raw Water-Cooled Systems.  

A tool built by mariners for mariners.

Our goal with A-Sea Guard is to provide the owner/captain with a simple and easy to use program that allows you to set parameters based on the depth of your slip. Enabling your boat to safely control your A/C system at any tide cycle while you’re away from your boat.


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